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How to clean your bathroom

How to clean your bathroom

No one is willing to clean the bathroom, but if you insist on regular cleaning, then this task is not so painful. Here are some suggestions to help you clean the bathroom more effectively, including walls, floors, showers, toilets and so on.

Method 1

Remove all things that are not in the bathroom. Take all the other items out of the bathroom. Including all things that do not belong to the bathroom, such as trash and all things on the floor.

Step 2

Bleach or another disinfectant into the toilet. Pour bleach or another disinfectant into the toilet and brush the toilet into the toilet hole. This can clean the toilet brush above the dirty things away.

Step 3

Sweeping . Start by first sweeping. (You can also clean all the other things and then sweep away because when you wash something else you can put dust or other dirty things fell to the ground.

How to clean your bathroom

Method 2

Step 1

Cleaning walls, windows, and ceilings. If you have mold on the ceiling, you can first spray some bleach/disinfectant on it, do the same for the wall (if it is tiled) or spray other cleaning agents. Clean the bathroom inside and outside the windows. And then wipe the ceiling again, you will see dust or mold falling from the ceiling. Carefully flush to avoid scratches and dry with a dry cloth. Finally, do the same for the wall.

Step 2

Spray disinfectant or detergent powder toward the faucet. Make sure to use the appropriate cleaning agent, otherwise, it will damage the faucet. Try again in an invisible place. Spray the kind of cleaning agent on top of stainless steel. Let it stay on top for a few minutes.


Clean shower room. Sprinkle the appropriate cleaning agent on the walls and showers of the shower room and allow the detergent to stay on top for a few minutes. Spray cleaners are particularly suitable for removing long-term sludge from baths. Hard water areas will have green and rust stains, you may need a cleaning agent to eliminate calcium, lime, and rust. Do not use abrasive cleaners or green abrasive pads or steel brushes on porcelain because the porcelain will become dull after use. Do the same for the tub during the waiting period.

And then back to the shower room to wipe the walls, cocks, and showers, rinse with the hottest water or dry with snow cloth, you can also use a rubber cleaner to polish dry. You can also use a paper towel or towel to wipe the cock. Do the same for the tub.

Do not forget the shower curtain, it will also grow mold. The deployment of a 1: 2 bleach spray (designed for a special purpose!) Can be easily removed from the moldy spot. Or you can take the shower curtain and wash it with hot water, soap and bleach.

 Step 4

Clean the wash basin and sink. You can use any cleanser in the tub but use it as much as possible on the sink because it is difficult to wash away the soap from the sink. Wash out all the soap and toothpaste stains, rinse your sponge. Use a toothbrush or a cotton swab to easily remove the dirt between the faucet and the handle. Do not use the same piece of paper or cloth to clean the toilet and the sink. This will spread the bacteria on the sink. In order to prevent this from happening, you can wipe the toilet with a special cloth.

You can wipe the cupboard with hot soapy water to draw the front and top of the drawer. If you are concerned that the bacteria fall into these places, you can add a little bleach to the soapy water.

Wash the mirror with a cleanser or other smooth things, rinse off, with a rubber cleaner or snow cloth to wipe off excess water. Add a little vinegar in the water to make your mirror brighter.

Step 5

Clean the toilet. Wipe the outside of the toilet. Soak the cloth in the disinfectant, wipe the handle from the flush, and start to avoid it after the dirty. Do not forget to use a special cloth to clean the toilet, or use a paper towel (throw it away, do not rinse it). Wash the inside of the toilet with a toilet.

Every time you clean can remove stubborn stains, scale, and other deposits. Common, unobtrusive smells are difficult to remove. Use a piece of cloth and detergent to thoroughly clean the outside of the toilet, including the bottom and the base, the seat plate and the cover on both sides, the hinges, and their protruding parts. You do not need to rub hard so that soapy water and patience to solve the problem bars Sprinkle the inside of the toilet with a sticky acid cleaner filled in a narrow bottle. Pay special attention to the fact that the cleaner covers the entire inner edge, and that can be covered elsewhere. Allow the detergent to soak for half an hour or more, and then use the toilet brush to scrub the entire toilet, including the bottom of the edge, wipe it again after the detergent becomes less, but let it soak for some time, and finally rinse off.

Step 6

Mopping or wiping away from the farthest place. Put the bleach solution hot water mopping the best effect. Remember to wash away the residual foam on the ground with clean water. Make sure that the edges of the toilet are connected to the floor. This place is notoriously dirty. Do not forget to clean the substrate or bottom mold, these places will usually plot a lot of dust.

Step 7

Drained the water and throw away all dirty cloth or dirty sponge.

Step 8

Put things back to the floor after the original thing to take away the original back.

Step 9

You're done.


While cleaning your side of the sponge or brush, mopping the dirty water will be replaced. The purpose of cleaning is to wash away the dirty things, not the full bathroom.

Keep it clean when you are clean, so it's not good for you.

Rubber gloves can protect your hands.

Sponge or rag to wash a lot of small and secret corners. Some cotton swabs or toothbrushes (of course only for cleaning) can help you, they can clean up to some tough corner and tile gap.

You can use pure white shaving cream to solve the annoying steam on the mirror. Just squeeze it on the mirror and wipe it on the line. Do not leave any scratches. The effect is very magical!

You can also use calcium lime rust scavenger spray in the shower head to remove scale and restore water pressure. In order to achieve the best results, after each bath after the spray cleaning.

Remember: The number one enemy of the mold is bleach. Usually, a little bit of bleach can easily remove mold.

Do not forget to clean the ceiling. Bleaching the spray can also be used to eliminate mold on the ceiling.

The rubber cleaner can remove the water stains on the glass and make it look very clean.

When you have thoroughly cleaned the tub as instructed above, you can easily keep your tub or shower clean with a multi-purpose bath and shower cleaner (Alex can be bought in the United States).Use a bleach to rinse out the tiles of the tiles.

Kitchen sink slot easy to use menu option or dual slot easy to use? After reading the article is not tangled up!


Double bowl kitchen sink choose good or Single-bowl, this kitchen is a big problem, bigger space Single, dual use can be distinguished, some people feel good single-slot, some people feel good dual slot, which in the end what kind of good?

First, the good Single

One user feel a double format futile, but also accounted for a large place, each slot is also not great.

Two users, large single-slot good, even the master said door mounted dual-slot is not suitable for Chinese people's national conditions, more in line with foreigners.

Three friends, a lot of friends around me all the time re-decoration choice of a single slot, Dual Chamber said than practical.

Four users, dual-slot always felt a little sad, that little by little, the large side and fit the cauldron, and when cleaning area larger,

Second, good-slot

User 1, dual-slot, for example, the sink and some have not washed the bowl. You're anxious to vegetables, and you can wash in another bowl ah. Without first washing dishes. Benefit too much.


User 2, I used a single pot for too long, really gray often inconvenient.


User 3, not very into the kitchen people will ask this question, right? Just a bunch of light wash bowls are two easy to use it while washing can put another there, one can only put on the table, that table will wet. And if there is something bubble tray, you want to wash the pot, the pot of water washing down there, running toilet can only go down, before my family often only one to do it, trouble is dead.

Four friends, I do not do housework, but I also know that a double format convenient, because I wash my bowl, put one of the slots, put the top slot in a small basket can be draining.While washing side drain and wash the thing Lek also almost, came alive again in the cupboard. So it does not drip water on the ground. Otherwise, wash the bowl had to wipe, sick of it.


1, then the choice of the single bowl, representing a relatively small size, saving space in the kitchen. Selection of dual-slot, then dimensions must be much larger than the single slot, but it is also very easy to use. Single sink, in the end, is good or dual-slot? Mainly depends on each person's family, to see their needs to choose.

Two friends, my family is a little freshman, I think this is convenient, above put a small drain basket, a large washing directly into the drain basket, it is convenient, it is now used in more than one small.

We can see from the above article, for kitchen menu slot or dual slot, your views do differ, word of different, selected menu slot or dual slot, we can take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.


The advantages and disadvantages of the single slot sink


Single cheap, the same installation space, single slot Keyhole greater use of space. That is on the table to open the same large hole, single-slot pots use of space is larger than the double cell. Further only a single slot sewer, water line simpler than dual slot. 

For the first requirement is to sink big cauldron tub can easily sink into the wash, under this requirement, if your home is a relatively small cupboard, can put the sink position is relatively small, so you do not have to consider anything else, directly trough the menu. If you prefer to use another pot to wash, then surely menu groove compare whirl was open.

Single use, due to the large operation space, in general, will be less water splashed outside.


The advantages and disadvantages of the double bowl sink 


Dual-slot expensive, the same installation space Keyhole more convenient to use, for example, two slots can be used for a backboard, point to wash dirty rag to live and so on. Each other for washing dishes, washing vegetables, washing fruit. In a wash something, the other is used to drain and so on. There are two dual-slot into the water, the water management more complex, the chance of a bad high. (2) If your house sink position large, dual-slot can also put a big tub can easily choose where to put down large cleaning. If you prefer a direct soak in the sink, small advice you buy a dual-slot, single slot each had to do with that kind of tank water, not environmentally friendly but also a waste.

May be used to washing greasy things with a groove slot, a groove fresh wash things. If the kitchen space is small, it is recommended to pay slot.


Kitchen menu slot or dual slot depends on these cases


1, according to the size of the kitchen table to decide

Single accounted for the choice of a relatively small size, space-saving kitchen, if the family kitchen table size is relatively small, fit the dual slot, a single slot on the selection large. If the kitchen table size large, no matter it is a double or single slot, there will not be any impact on the choice of dual-slot, then dimensions must be much larger than the single slot, but it is also very easy to use.

2, according to usage to decide

If it is like to have a big pot large bowl in the sink cleaning the inside, but the home and small cupboard, sink placement position much, can directly choose a larger single sink. If you are accustomed to the sink to wash vegetables or a bowl, then, double bowl kitchen sink on the selection, the choice of a single bowlF, then more waste water, no environmental protection. The biggest difference between the two is a half-slot can be used to clean greasy things, generally used to clean vegetables, but the sink area is relatively small; the single slot is large, the water does not spread easily to the surface.

Single kitchen good or dual-slot? This is no exact answer; we can only think according to their circumstances, turnip cabbage all have love, we have the right to choose, then, do you like the single slot or dual slot it?

Consider 5 questions before purchasing the kitchen sink

Since the archaic stone basin relegated to the laundry, the sink has come a long way! Anchored in the kitchen and coupled to the dishwasher, sink renews itself in a variety of materials, colors, shapes, sink installation methods, and expanding his skills.


The sink is the pivot of most activities in the kitchen and has to reconcile several imperatives: resisting thermal shocks (hot and cold), sharp objects, fats, and acids. It must also be easy to maintain. And know how to meet all the constraints of space and aesthetics. Several sink materials respond to these requirements. A roundup of questions to ask yourself before buying his sink.  



1. What material to choose for the sink?


Shira basin sink in quartz and pink resin, 86 x 52 cm, 329,90 euros, gray tiles decoration Corolla tip, 2,99 euros, Leroy Merlin.Shira basin sink in quartz and pink resin, 86 x 52 cm, 329,90 euros, gray tiles decoration Corolla tip, 2,99 euros, Leroy Merlin.Leroy Merlin


The traditional enameled stoneware, good value for money, modernize with thinner lines, more rich, new colors and surface treatments that limit the dirt. This material, which has proved its worth, suffers from a handicap: the risks of chipping after a shock and a heavy weight that complicates the installation. 


Today's leader, stainless steel - stainless steel sink- remains affordable. Chosen thick (0.7 mm minimum), in an alloy 18/10, it fulfills its role without weakening. Its primary defects are sensitivity to limescale, but this drawback can be mitigated by choosing structured, brushed or satin finishes less exposed to scratches and whitish spots. 


The synthetic resins have an innovative design for them. These composite materials made it possible to create shapes of ergonomic tanks by molding and to widen the palette of colors. Among the best, acrylic resins are either bonded to the quartz powder (tinted in the mass and smooth) or added with granite (with the speckled appearance, rougher). 


Chicer, Syrian stones of the Corian® type, composed of quartz, resin, and pigments, offer the advantage of being smooth, hygienic, hard, resistant and easy to maintain. Designed, tailored, they offer a broad range of colors. To quote again, the fiber -reinforced concrete is an ultra-contemporary material that provides an excellent hardness to any test for the realization of monoblock basins declined in different shades. Not to mention, the natural stone that makes it possible to manufacture pieces of prestige cut to measure. Rare and expensive!  


2. Do I need a sink or a built-in kitchen sink?


Sink in Fragrant, "Rebel," with rounded corners, accessories and "neo-retro" look.  Available in 8 colors and four models.  Starting from 459 euros in L 78 x D 50 x H 20cm, Franke.Sink in Fragrant, "Rebel," with rounded corners, accessories and "neo-retro" look. Available in 8 colors and four models. Starting from 459 euros in L 78 x D 50 x H 20cm, Franke.Franke


For each model a type of pose! It is, therefore, necessary to know if we want to highlight or melt the sink in the decor. 

To every Lord, all honor, the stamp of office. Heir to the sinking stone, highly prized in kitchens to living, it is a rectangular maxi-vat with large edge appreciable as much for its practical side as for its charm to the old one. It can be placed directly on a piece of furniture or a masonry support, but it can also be nestled very comfortably in a cut made in the plan.  


The monobloc sink, with one or two tanks with drainer, perched on a cabinet under-sink is also a classic. Today, it is preferred in a built-in version in the worktop with holes in its dimensions. An aesthetic solution that also eliminates all risks of infiltration. This operation can be carried out in several ways: "overlapping" (the edge of the sink covers the surroundings of the cut); Or under the worktop (a process reserved for a few specific models with little edges). 


In a minimalist spirit, the tanks embedded under the plan, in isolation or side by side are modulated at will and highlight the coating of the worktop. Fixed by legs and glued underneath by a silicone seal, they eliminate any edge and therefore facilitate maintenance. Moreover, the modularity favors the space saving. 


Last option: the sink molded in the plane with which it plays the continuity without any visible seal. Both are made of the same material (artificial stone or stainless steel). The tank is pressed or welded to the plane. This is the best for aesthetics and hygiene.

3. Should you choose a sink with one or two tanks?


The bottom of the Corian sink vats is lined with a stainless steel barrel that improves the comfort of use and accentuates the durability of the material already very robust.  Fittings, Dornbracht.The bottom of the Corian sink containers is lined with a stainless steel barrel that improves the comfort of use and accentuates the durability of the material already very robust. Fittings, Dornbracht.Antoine Rozès


It all depends on the space available and how you will use the sink. If you do the dishes by hand, a perfect two-tank sink and adjoining drainer are justified. 


If you have a dishwasher, it is advisable to couple a vast and profound tank (minimum 16 cm so that it can accommodate large utensils), with a small tray for draining vegetables and thawing. 

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4. Which form of sink to privilege?


The design of the tank also contributes to the concept of comfort. The standard rectangle, which 's hard to clean due to right angles, is today competing with more ergonomic, round, cutaway, trapezoidal or particular edge shapes that solve space problems without sacrificing the size of the bins. 


5. Which accessories to select to complete the sink?


Cooking: the dream kitchen of vegetarians. Cooking: the dream kitchen of vegetarians. Michael Liebert

The sink is no longer limited to a simple tank: there are plenty of accessories integrated or optional. A bung with a basket equipped with a filter retains the waste likely to clog the siphon. Automatic emptying, provided by a control near the tap, prevents the hands from getting into the dirty water. 


The drainer is malignant: it is reversible, it adapts on one side or the other; It is placed above the tank; It can also be turned into a drainer tray, convenient for vegetables or fruit and thawing. A wire basket is also very useful for drying small dishes or cutlery. Finally, a sliding cutting board covering the sink when not in use can serve as a complementary preparation plan.

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